At Ixora, we believe in ‘hustle and heart’– curious, impact-driven individuals who have more to offer this world then what your current environment allows you to, and are willing to take action about it.

Ixora’s singular mission to use capital to create a more economically-inclusive world very much requires intentional individuals to shape and drive it together.

Regardless of your background, we want to work with passionate people who know what they want and are willing to walk the talk.

We are constantly look out for greatness in various expressions, specifically individuals who possess:

  • A sense of curiosity about the world beyond one’s job-scope
  • A desire to live a life larger then themselves
  • A clear ‘why’ and conviction in everything they do
  • Ambition, but with deliberate execution
  • Knowledge and skill in a particular industry
  • Experiences studying, living or working abroad in a different culture

As such, we do not expect applicants who are:

  • Inflexible to change, new ideas, delivery methods, or systems
  • Unwilling to execute on or take ownership of their big ideas
  • Treating this opportunity merely as their next paycheck or cool resume collateral

We believe one of humanity’s greatest assets is having a sense of inquisitiveness and willingness to try – the catalyst to innovations throughout history and even more so today.

Genius is evenly distributed across zip codes. Access and opportunity are not.” — Mitch Kapor.

If you are willing to try, iterate, fail, and learn and our mission excites you, do apply under our “Jobs” section on our LinkedIn page.